Feeling of insecurity, that I’m not good enough = seek external assurance.

Seek assurance = need to do more and better, to the point of self sacrifice, then indulge in feeling like the victim of those who you love! (原生家庭影响,或同频相吸 难怪投胎到这对父母).

The subconscious crave for self sacrifice and feel like victim = special needs kids. Or if I can’t see these, a husband who I need to care and self sacrifice for, even become victim of! Scary!

Special needs kids = sense of failure(add guilt here), sense I’m not good enough, then try harder, till I drop and paralyze, while violently seek assurance from those you love, giving them so much pressure scaring them away.

So all ASD parents are those who most crave recognition and assurance.

To break the cycle: No need to try so hard. Know that you’re so good AS YOU ARE. Dismiss the feeling of insecurity, and rid yourself from fear. 妳本如此温柔美好,妳本自具足。感觉、活出、享受那富足感 那温柔感,对人事物不要怕 不要有保留 完全敞开让妳的温柔流露,妳的生命自然就会是充满富足温柔的。

每个人的本性 都是温柔的,硬壳 都是为了自我防卫 立起来的。不温柔的人 都是不自信的,不快乐的,修行不好的!