明就仁波切 解脱道 Nature of mind



Nature of mind

Knowingness.  Awareness. 


Non conceptual state of mind

Rule of samsara:  aversion and attachment 



Direct realization 证悟

Developmental stage:  升起次第

Radiant purity of awareness

Shrine room 佛堂

The great perfection:  大圆满

Dharma field:  道場

Cause:  因緣

Union of causes and conditions:  因緣和合

Sufficient conditions:  因緣具足

Nature of things

Essential nature of the world

Calm acceptance: 坦然接受

Transient and changes with circumstances:  隨著因緣變化

Illusory:  虛幻的

Nature of life:  人生的本質

Have no inherent existence:  一切都不存在

Detached:  不粘著

All appearances:  一切事物表象

Move:  感動

Gratitude:  感恩

Immaculate:  无染

Assembled:  和合


Love and grace:  愛與恩典

「大任运觉受」experience of great spontaneity

无上正等正觉 supreme consciousness

净化:refined. Purified. 


止的禪修:calm abiding

明空乐 都只是全观的副产品

* Stillness 无所缘:  block awareness; break between breaths(in, hold 10sec, out, stillness)

* Movement 有对境:  five senses meditation; 看思想禅修

* Awareness (of mind being still or thinking)

Block awareness 禅修:反而看到禅修

Sleep meditation:  保持觉知,直到睡眠来到 合一,这样整个睡眠就在禅修。

Quality and nature of awareness:







传承–道之甘露 Nectar of the Path

人身难得。Ten things to have appreciation/gratefulness for:

dharma, awareness

Guru Teacher




Past sufferings:  need to work on. Kids. 

诸法无常。But, do not #attach# to those. Because #Impermanence#. 

因缘和合。law of karma, once conditions are ripe, it WILL bear fruit. So do good deeds. 

轮回痛苦。all suffering produced by mind. Free from self created bonds. 一切是心的投射,自解脱。

Map of Buddhist teachings:


外皈依:佛(guide)法(path)僧(friends community)。相对皈依。boat to be let go of after reaching the shore. 





3 levels of awareness:  Understanding level, experiential level 一瞥, direct realization level 你就是(free from samsara. 不退转。first level of liberation, nine more levels to go). 

3 levels of nature of mind:

Day to day relative concept:  sauna heat vs hot weather; gym walking vs walking to a destination; walking on pointed rocks vs foot massage. 

General relative concept:  mind concept-karma-samsara. All arising from ignorance(inability to recognize nature of mind, awareness)

Absolute level:  无我

Root Guru:  

1. flower teacher, bee student, take nectar teachings. 

2. Follow one preferred teacher lineage. 

3. nature of mind. 

Buddha cannot enlighten us, as compassionately as he is, because we have karma. We can only become enlightened thru practice of dharma to recognize nature of mind. 

Main link is Faith and devotion 虔诚心:  must be based on wisdom(below), not blind faith. 

Clear lineage, and study history

Compassion and kindness

No ego or 神通

Absolute guru yoga:  nature of mind. 

Relative guru yoga:  human teacher as medium, as enlightened Buddha.

虔诚心 菩提心 可以让心超越概念。

Visualization is only useful if you know the meanings behind it (wisdom and emptiness, etc), form and color doesn’t matter(just like a dream, rainbow), blind faith is of limited use(奉爱). 

Different levels of awareness:

Knowing:  覺察(五官感知)

Stillness 無念 + awareness = meditation 空

Movement 思想 + awareness = meditation 明

Pure Awareness 不認同思想的覺知。全觀。

Look inward, mind looking at the mind, you will see nothing, emptiness, you cannot see emptiness, that’s nature of mind.

心性課All phenomena come from mind

心性課Nature of mind is emptiness

解脫道二Emptiness is spontaneous present

解脫道三Spontaneous emptiness is self liberating. 

Questions to Rinpoche:

Energy movement:  

Emotions:  big swings of fear, depression, anger.  Even with awareness. Captured by Habitual fear of emotions. Manifests strongly whenever there’s progress, ego wants to pull me back. — Purification process, 風乾了的糞便清除前會先開始軟化發臭,後才脫落。

No five senses:  no see, no hear, no smell. No longer “feel” images of Buddha coming. 

Sensitive to energy:  not as strong as before.  But dislike closed space, like open space(head top would feel tight, even hurt)

The border less, selfless space — is that awareness?  In that state, will not follow cloud. 

Sudden “openings”:  “Know” things that I’ve read many times before, like life is a dream, there’s no right/wrong except for mind’s concept and projections, oneness of me and satient beings, absolute emptiness is also everything, thoughts are not me, etc. 

夕阳老师。never met. Teacher says to just look at (be aware of) thoughts and body, as objectively as everything else.  Meditate, and nature will mind is ultimate teacher, will teach. And learn from meditation accomplished lineage teacher. 

Before that, learned five senses outward awareness, look at thoughts, try to look at habitual patterns(emotional reactions)  Not emptiness.  Brain level liberation from suffering, no experiential liberation. 

3 levels of awareness:  Understanding level, experiential level 一瞥, direct realization level 你就是(free from samsara. 不退转。first level of liberation, nine more levels to go). 

Cannot do analytical, experiential tendency. 

In the borderless space, like selfless but still know, Can simultaneously look outward broadly with no focus, and body, and “inward” the knowingness. 

Once focus(listening), lose the openness, can keep simultaneous knowingness and the subject. 

Too focused(thinking), lose knowingness. 

Find myself wanting to hold on to that borderless selfless space. Because will not follow cloud, because thoughts and emotions self liberate. That wanting, or fear of losing it, makes me lose it.  How to keep it?  Meditate and relax?

Meditation of watching thoughts:  every random thoughts flashing by, then samadhi. Or mind reacting/judging.  New to practice with borderless awareness(simultaneous).

Practice awareness by observing habitual patterns (emotional reactions)–inward or outward?

Map of learning:  where is and What’s after mahamudra?  When would “path of liberation 2” be?

Intercourse’s effect on energy/borderless awareness. 

Five senses yoga for kids. 

Dorje Drolo 多傑卓勒忿怒蓮師心咒:hung hung hung om ah hung vajra guru grovolod loka sarva siddhi hung hung 

Drakpa Kilaya 乍波普巴忿怒蓮師心咒:



Drolo, Drollo and Drolod. 忿怒莲师

Guru Tragphur, Drakpo. 忿怒普巴