The day I stop craving for his recognition and appreciation and trust, he will start recognizing and appreciating and trusting me.  Be myself, a wholesome self. 

The day I don’t seek such recognition from my man, is the day I can stop being 外貌协会。I bring this onto myself, always go for a highly desirable man, then I become insecure, and therefore need more recognition from him. 

God works exactly like this, He wants to help you get over your weakness. In my case, amazingly desirable men surround me in my life, all just to serve as training tools for my personal growth:  

getting over the need to seek recognition, be my wholesome self. 

So, I can be the low key housewife who devotes herself to practice, or the high profile working partner to help him with everything side by side. Either way, all the while, Wholesome Self 

#How God works