I left the material world in which I lived and breathed for 20 years,
just to immerse myself in the spiritual world.

It’s just a change in scenery, same immersion experience, none more superior than the other.

So no need to find another new world to learn and immerse in. Not even the holy world, it’s just yet another upgraded dream.

Just Be? No. No need to even Be. No words.

The closest thing is Sun indeed, it radiates, that’s all. Enlightening everything across its path is a natural but unintented outcome. Life blossoming under its light? Yes the Sun is aware, only in the most passive manner, even witnessing is too strong of a word.

3/21: 好神奇,昨晚写完,今天新的大局面的可能性就出现了,而且几乎是量身定做。老天爷 太神奇。但,也非常像是轮回的重复。那迪叶说过 我这几年做的决定,会大大改变人生轨迹,得谨慎做决定。