Marriage and investment risk profile.

You can be a blue chip investor on one extreme, or a VC stage investor on the other extreme. The more risk you take, the more choices you have; and if you invest in the right target, your return will definitely be more handsome than investing in a mature blue chip company, because you would have participated in the growth and help mold the VC investment target.

Some men are less experienced and less mature, they need help to grow into a great husband. If you invest patience and love to help him grow, your return can be very rewarding.

Or, if you are risk averse, you marry a mature, ready to go, man. You know what you get, less surprise on downside and upside. But supply is more limited in this category. So all a matter of choice, a matter of risk tolerance. you have to go according to your risk profile, you can’t force yourself either.

所以 就是缘分。