Holy cow! Just realized I’m already in pureland, literally. Physically and spiritually.
Every manifestation is perfect and beautiful beyond my imagination. At the same time, I have yet to perfect my practice. I have all the timeless Buddha Bodhisattvas to instruct me on demand, and everyone and everything around me are also teachers in disguise.

另,最近好像早上洗完脸刷完牙后 一眨眼就到晚上睡觉的时间了,时间过得飞快,但没有以前惯性的蹉跎岁月焦虑感。和老公相反,老公说他状态好时一天仿佛非常长 时间用不完。两者好像都是时间感不存在了的状态。

Me because I have nothing to attain anymore, him because his anxiety for accomplishment vanishes. 都是禅定的状态。


  1. 欢喜赞叹?感谢Lila用文字带我感受净土。这是不是就是所谓的 直心是道场,一心执持十法界?